Special Diet?

So here it is, Charlotte's own Declaration of Indulgence.
All of our cake flavours can be adapted to be dairy free, wheat free, or gluten free.
All you have to do is ask…

I am doing my utmost to get myself named in the acrimonious divorce of Veganism and Health Food.

Here at Restoration Cake, I specialise in non-dairy cakes and cupcakes. I can imagine that many of you will be losing the will to live right about now so please indulge me and read on…

As a Vegetarian with a terrible intolerance to onions, I know a thing or two about special dietary requirements. I was brought up to eat what I was given, sometimes even with the threat of no dessert on non-compliance. Luckily for me, this was never really a problem! I would have eaten glass for the promise of dessert. I probably still would.

Seeing what is generally on offer in the British ‘Free From’ sector depresses me. I want to give everyone the chance to have that Sex and the City ‘Miranda outside Magnolia Bakery’ moment. A cupcake is not a cupcake unless you get buttercream icing on your nose.

After a visit to a Vegan bakery in New York my eyes were opened to the amazing delights than can be created without the need for animal products. The chocolate and peanut butter brownie I bought there lasted me three days… three days! It was so rich and moist and just… oh my god.

I have a wonderful set of Vegan friends. Each and every one of them is artistic, vivacious, talented and exciting. When I make cakes for my friends, I want them to look fabulous and taste delicious. I would never ask a compromise on this. Many Vegan cakes are made with all virtuous ingredients and intentions and they taste great but they are missing the point. Cake is about indulgence and celebration and frivolity – it should never be passed off as ‘a healthy alternative’. If I want to be healthy, I will have a piece of fruit. Cake is my treat, my comfort, my naughty moment.

Perhaps those non-Vegans or (dare I say it) dedicated carnivores of you may be bemused as to the taste, texture or appearance of a non-dairy cake. I would ask you to look at the pictures below and imagine a soft, light sponge and a sweet, creamy vanilla topping. If we bake with Chocolate, it is a rich, dark Chocolate. If you have ever tried Red Velvet cake, I recommend you try my Red Velvet cake. What you may not appreciate is the overwhelming flavour of egg – when you remove this, all you get is the wonderful flavours of the cake itself.

Still not convinced? Well, I am not expecting a mass conversion as a result of this declaration. What I would say to those Vegans or to those with any special dietary requirements is that you have succeeded in finding a Cake Designer who is not only willing to cater to your requirements, but able to create something which requires absolutely zero compromise from you in terms of taste or appearance. Why compromise when you do not have to? Indulgence is for all!

With love from Charlotte x


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Maya Von Doll eating a red velvet cupcake

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