A selection of the most frequent questions that Charlotte gets asked.
If you have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch!

How do we cut our Wedding Cake correctly for the photograph?
Hopefully the picture on the right will help... yes, that is the Hubby and I on our Wedding day!
The Bride stands closest to the cake and holds the knife in her right hand.
The Groom stands next to the Bride, slightly behind her, with his left arm around her waist and his right hand on top of her right hand.
The Bride then rests her left hand on top of the Groom's right hand, allowing her new wedding ring to be displayed for the camera.
Practise this before the day! Trust me, this feels quite a natural position and looks great in the pictures! 
The knife should cut into the bottom tier of the cake and the money shot is the moment at which the Bride and Groom press down together to cut the cake.

Can I have more than one flavour of cake?
Of course! With a multi-tiered cake, you can have a combination of flavours with each tier being different. The most traditional combination is a Traditional Fruit Cake at the top, a Lemon Drizzle Cake in the middle, and a Chocolate Mud Cake at the bottom. Think about your guests and their tastes but also consider any favourite flavours that you would love to have. The top tier is often made from a flavour that is special to the Bride and Groom - a little treat just for you!

Does the cake inside have to be a white cake or a pale cake flavour if I want a white Wedding cake?
Believe it or not, even the muddiest of Chocolate Mud Cake can be covered in beautifully clean white fondant icing! You can have Chocolate, Red Velvet, or any dark flavour that you like and still have a beautifully elegant cake.

Are these the only flavours that you can make?
These are my favourites and the flavours that I am asked to make the most often. As my service is completely bespoke, I am willing to accommodate any flavour requests. 

Are these the only designs that you offer?

Oh no. I would get bored very quickly if I was just turning out the same design over and over again! This is a bespoke service and your cake will be designed to your requirements.

Do you do cakes for Gay Weddings?
Hell yes! Next question...
Whether you want to go for the traditional or the contemporary, I will be there to assist in creating a design that is perfect for your big day. 
I am listed on The Big Gay Wedding Directory and this is a great resource for finding suppliers nationwide. 

What am I paying for?

While I know that budgets are tight and that it would be far cheaper to go to M&S for a simple Wedding Cake, what you are getting with me is a completely personal bespoke service. Your cake will be unique; a one off. Baked by a human being, not a machine, and rather delicious too.

Do you have a cake decorating book available in shops?
I do! In fact, I have two! Deliciously Decorated and Burlesque Baking are available in all fabulous shops and on Amazon too via the links. 

What is your advice to someone wanting to start their own cupcake / cake decorating business?
Be that person who brings the cake. Friends and family will certainly not mind being used as guinea pigs while you practise your craft, trial new recipes and become comfortable with the time that it will take you to make various cakes to order. Attend as many classes as you can. Subscribe to Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine. Go to The Cake & Bake Show and get inspired by some fabulous bakers!



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Charlotte and Chris on their wedding day

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