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19th February 2014
Fabric of my Life
The Art of Covering Up

18th February 2014
Burlesque Bible Magazine
Afternoon Cupcake Interview with Charlotte

14th February 2014
Bon Eater
Restoration Cake - Charlotte White

12th February 2014
The Mrs Makes
The Mrs Loves - Burlesque Baking

12th February 2014
B West London
Valentine's Launch for Burlesque Baker

11th February 2014
St Albans Review
St Albans' Women's Institute to Celebrate 1st Birthday

February 2014
Vintage Life Magazine
Show Stoppers...

29th January 2014
The Telegraph
Burlesque Baking: the art of high teas(e)

29th January 2014
The Uxbridge Gazette
Burlesque baking is all about indulgence

January 2014
What's On Magazine
Charlotte White Exclusive

16th November 2013
The Daily Star
Slice up your life!

31st October 2013
The Food Network UK
Halloweeen Haunted House Cake

22nd October 2013
The Food Network UK
Should you make your own wedding cake?

21st August 2013
The Lady
Choosing your wedding cake

30th July 2013
The Lady
White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

15th May 2013
Rock'n'Roll Bride
Laid Back & Vintage Inspired Wedding 

24th April 2013
Country House Wedding Venues
Bespoke Wedding Cakes & Trends 2013

17th April 2013
Love My Dress
The Style Me Vintage Weddings Book Launch

17th April 2013
Love My Dress
Style Me Vintage Weddings ~ A Film For A Book Launch

25th March 2013
The Ideal Home Show
Congratulations to our Amateur & Professional Cake Decorator Winners!

23rd March 2013
Unique Bride (Issue 6)
All Things Bright and Beautiful

18th March 2013
Wedding Magazine
Wedding Cake Myths - Busted!

11th February 2013
London Bride
Sarah + Paul - Retro Romance Wedding Film

7th February 2013
The Blogcademy
London Recap & Sponsor Love

6th February 2013
Gala Darling
The Blogcademy London... In All Its Glory!

6th February 2013
RocknRoll Bride
Love & Reports Form The Blogcademy London

6th February 2013
Nubby Twiglet
Snowdrifts & Smiles: The Blogcademy London Recap!

1st February 2013
RocknRoll Bride
Snowdrifts & Sequins: London Blogcademy Video Insanity

23rd January 2013
RocknRoll Bride
Vintage Wedding at the Royal Observatory

4th January 2013
Unique Bride (Issue 5)
It's Cake, Jim, But Not As We Know It

19th December 2012
SciFi Now Magazine (Issue 75)
UK's First Klingon Wedding - Interview with Charlotte White

18th December 2012
Boho Weddings
Wedding Cake 101: The Ultimate Express Class for DIY Brides

13th December 2012
London Bride
DIY Wedding Cake Class in London with Restoration Cake

6th December 2012
Cake Craft & Decoration (Issue 170)
It's A Cake Jim, But Not As We Know It

27th November 2012
SciFi Now Online
UK's First Klingon Wedding - Interview with Charlotte White

21st November 2012
Bridal Musings
Unique Pink & Blue British, African & Caribbean Wedding

November 2012
Unique Bride (Issue 4)
Tie the Knot... with a Pretty Bow

29th October 2012
Global Geek News
Star Trektastic Borg Cubes Wedding Cake

27th October 2012
Meridian Radio
'Star Trek Destination London Special' with Vivienne Lee - interview at 51:35

24th October 2012
Uxbridge Gazette
It's cake, Jim, but not as we know it

22nd October 2012
International Business Times
First Klingon Wedding held at London 'Star Trek' convention

22nd October 2012
NY Daily News
'Star Trek' fans tie the knot at Klingon wedding

20th October 2012
The Independent
It's a wedding, Josefin, but not as we know it

20th October 2012
ITN News
Britain hosts first Klingon wedding

20th October 2012
BBC News Online
Couple marry in Klingon wedding

20th October 2012
Digital Spy
Star Trek fans marry in UK's first Klingon ceremony

20th October 2012
The Metro Online
Swedish couple take part in UK's first ever Klingon wedding

19th October 2012
Reuters UK
Star Trek fans tie the knot at Klingon Wedding

19th October 2012
The Telegraph Online
UK's first Star Trek wedding takes place at convention

19th October 2012
Daily Mail Online
Star Trek fanatics tie the knot in the UK's first ever 'Klingon' wedding

19th October 2012
Sky News HD
Marriage: The Final Frontier For One Couple

11th October 2012
Under The Vintage Veil
Under the Vintage Veil does fondant icing! A visit to the Restoration Cake studios.

19th September 2012
Rock My Wedding
Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza - It's all about EWE!!

17th September 2012
RocknRoll Bride
Tattoo Themed Cupcake Decorating with Restoration Cake

17th August 2012
The Food Network UK
Spiced Carrot Cake Recipe

13th August 2012
RocknRoll Bride
Buttons, Belles & Polaroids: Angela & Paul

3rd August 2012
Vintage News
Interview from the War & Peace Show 2012

August 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 22)
The Perfect Lemon Drizzle Cake

August 2012
Unique Bride (Issue 3)
Racy Lacy Wedding Cakes

24th July 2012
Queens of Vintage
Queens meets: Charlotte White of Restoration Cake

23rd July 2012
RocknRoll Bride
The Purple Cow: A Guest Post by Charlotte White

11th July 2012
The HIllingdon Leader
Charlotte's Baking is Fit for a Dame

5th July 2012
The Uxbridge Gazette
Baking Queen's Tasty Cakes Fit for a Dame

July 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 21)
Union Jack Cupcakes

July 2012
Unique Bride Magazine (Issue 2)
Edible Art Tattoo Wedding Cake

27th June 2012
RocknRoll Bride
Tattoos, Skulls & Baroque n Roll!: Rachael & Aaron

June 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 20)
White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

May 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 18)
Cupcake Bunting / A Cake For A Great British Icon

May 2012
Unique Bride Magazine (Issue 1)
Have Your Cake and Eat It!

22nd April 2012
OK! Magazine (Issue 822)
Interview with Dame Vera Lynn & Party Pictures

21st April 2012
Love My Dress
Vintage Bride Designer Sale - Images from the Show

19th April 2012
The Food Network UK
Baking Bothers - Baking Powder

April 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 19)
Perfect Scones

27th March 2012
The Food Network UK
Baking Bothers - Perfect Vegan Sponge Cake

26th March 2012
The Food Network UK
Baking Bothers - Perfect Buttercream

26th March 2012
Love My Dress
Pink & Turquoise ~ Decor & Detail Inspiration

22nd March 2012
RocknRoll Bride
Roll Up! Roll Up! For the Alternative Wedding Circus

March 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 17)
Cupcake Piping

March 2012
Best Of British Magazine
One Sunny Day

23rd February 2012
Marianne Taylor Photography
Pretty in Pink & Turquoise

20th February 2012
Under the Vintage Veil
The Miss Vintage Wedding Affair

17th February 2012
Bridal Soup
Scrumptious Wedding Cakes from Restoration Cake

17th February 2012
RocknRoll Bride
The Wedding Circus: A Photo Shoot Teaser

14th February 2012
Fifties Wedding
A 50's Inspirational Shoot

13th February 2012
RocknRoll Bride
DIY Tutorial: 'Be Mine' Tattoo Heart Valentine's Cupcake Toppers by Restoration Cake

13th February 2012
Love My Dress
Miss Vintage Wedding Affair

February 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 16)

Spring 2012
You & Your Wedding Magazine
Blush of Romance (styled shoot)

Spring 2012
Wedding Flowers Magazine
Flower Style: Antoinette Meets Austen Shoot

30th January 2012
Fairynuff Flowers
You & Your Wedding

26th January 2012
Emma Lucy Photography
An Alternative Wedding Fair

16th January 2012
Rockabetty Studios
Restoration, Restoration, Restoration!

14th January 2012
Wedding Day Venues Magazine
Get the Look: Football Supporters Wedding

9th January 2012
Under The Vintage Veil
Cake of the Week: Restoration Cake's Something Blue

January 2012
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 15)
Valentine's Cake

26th December 2011
OMG I'm Getting Married
New Wedding Cake Designs by Restoration Cake

1st December 2011
Dashing Magazine (Issue 1)

1st December 2011
OMG I'm Getting Married
Animal Aid's Xmas Without Cruelty Fayre

21st November 2011
Love My Dress
Antoinette Meets Austen ~ Ethereal Wedding Day Style

Nov/Dec 2011
Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 15)
Project Cupcake

19th October 2011
Rock My Wedding
One Fine Summer's Day

17th October 2011
RocknRoll Bride
A Relaxed London Wedding: Sally & Clifton

11th September 2011
The Bridesmaid and the Bride
Restoration Cake...

26th July 2011
RocknRoll Bride
The Jasmine Star London Workshop

24th June 2011
Restoring my Faith in Cakes

5th May 2011
OMG I'm Getting Married
A Super Cool Rockstar Music Madness Wedding

2nd May 2011
RocknRoll Bride
Charlotte & Chris' Bush Hall, Gig Wedding

9th May 2011
OMG I'm Getting Married
Altar-ed Vintage Bridal Tea Party

18th April 2011
RocknRoll Bride
RocknRoll Bride Party Report - Photo Booth Carnage

10th January 2011
Love My Dress
A Very Special Vintage Inspired Maternity Bridal Shoot

26th July 2010
OMG I'm Getting Married
What Makes a Restoration Cake?

18th July 2010
RocknRoll Bride
A Sunday Kind of Love: Restoration Cake

14th July 2010
RocknRoll Bride
Things Are Looking a bit Sparkly New Around Here

7th July 2010
OMG I'm Getting Married
A Lazy Sunday Lunch with Flowers

13th May 2010
OMG I'm Getting Married
Restoration Cake Interview: The Vegan / Dairy Challenge

5th June 2009
Fabric of my Life
Fit For A King

Heat Magazine (Issue
Big Brother Special 10th Birthday Cake






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